Thursday, April 24, 2008

Better Gearing

Dynamic Bicycles shaft drive bikes feature the Shimano Nexus family of advanced internal gear hubs. These are the world’s best performing and most reliable family of internal gearing. Here are 3 Things You Need to Know About Internal Gear Technology:

1. Where are the gears?

Internal gear hubs are an advanced gearing technology, whereby all the gears are fully enclosed within the rear axle of the bike. These hubs are called planetary gears - much the tranmission on a car - giving a wide range of gearing in a compact space. So unlike chain bikes that have fully exposed (external) sprockets and derailleurs, internal gear hubs compress all of this gearing into a compact, highly efficient cylindrical component (hub) inside the rear axle. This internal gear hub integrates seamlessly with our shaft drive to create incredibly efficient shifting and smooth speed changes. Shimano’s internal gear hubs are designed to require very little maintenance and are sealed to safely protect them from dirt, debris and damage.

Bicycle Internal Gear Hub

2. How do you operate an internal gear hub?

Our bikes are infinitely easier to operate than chain bikes. Our internal gear hubs are controlled using a twist grip shift located between your right thumb and forefinger so gear changes are fast and smooth. Internal gear hubs are designed to require fewer gears to cover a wide range of gearing. For instance, each gear change on our bike is like changing 2-3 gears on a chain bike - so you can transition quickly from hill climbing to cruising with a quick twist of the wrist. These twist grips also feature a gear indicator that tells you what gear you are in at all times. In addition, with the internal gear technology, the gearing is independent of pedaling. So unlike chain bikes that require you to pedal through a gear change, you can change gears on our shaft drive bike any time, even at a complete stop; so you are always in the right gear for any situation.

Advantages of Grip Shifts:
• Gear changes are fast and smooth
• Change to any gear at any time
• Easy-to-read gear indicator
• Gearing is independent of pedaling
Internal gear Hub

3. How many speeds do the bikes have?

Dynamic Bicycles shaft drive bikes are available in 7-speed and 8-speed models that offer a surprisingly wide range of gearing without all the messy external moving parts.

Think about it – how many gears do you really use? Shimano’s internal gear hubs merely spread out the gears for you, giving you tremendous gear range with just a few simple twists of the wrist.

Gear Comparison: Speed Chain Bike vs Dynamic Shaft Drive BicyclesDynamic 8-speed Bicycles

This performance-oriented hub was designed to keep up with your riding ambitions. With a high torque rating and a wide gear range, the 8-speed premium (identifiable by its red stripe) is our most rugged and versatile gear hub. The planetary gears are cold forged and heat treated to take long term abuse, and the hub internals are designed to handle inputs that would exceed what could be exerted by most any rider. Dynamic Bicycles 8-speed bikes offer a gear range comparable to 20 gears on a 24-gear chain bike, including multiple climbing gears for exhilarating off-road performance. From rapid uphill climbing to aggressive downhill riding, you’ll appreciate the smooth transitions and rugged reliability of this premium 8-speed hub. We can also adjust the final gearing of the bike depending on the type of terrain you ride on. All our 8-speed bikes come standard with our Street Shaft Drive; however we can exchange this for a Sport Shaft Drive to lower the gearing of the bike for even more hill climbing power. View a detailed gear ratio chart.

Dynamic 7-speed Bicycles

This recreational hub is a proven workhorse featuring smooth, easy gearing for worry-free, everyday riding. Featuring its smooth, responsive shifting, these bikes are super easy to operate and fun to ride. Our 7-speed bikes offer a gear range comparable to 17 gears on a 24-gear chain bike. This provides cyclists with a wide range of gearing to cruise along roadways and pathways as gracefully as it conquers hilly roads.

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