Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Honda OHV and OHC Technology

OHV (Overhead Valve) Engines are commercial grade and are used on commercial mowers. Following are some of the benefits of OHV technology

  • Greater power output

  • Smoother Fuel mixture intake

  • Quicker & more complete exhaust

  • Excellent thermal balance

  • Decrease in oil consumption

  • Increase in service life

OHC (OverHead Camshaft) Engines are often used on less commercial and/or residential mowers. Benefits of the OHC technology include

  • More Compact & lightweight Overall

  • Engine height could be reduced

OHV - Overhead Valve: These engines have the valves located above the combustion chamber, in the roof of the cylinder head.

The OHV layout permits smoother fuel mixture intake, plus quicker and more complete exhaust. This increased combustion efficiency, in turn, enables a higher compression ratio to be used in this way it is possible to obtain greater power output and to avoid the build up of carbon.

The OHV-design gives also an excellent thermal balance, which contributes to reduced cylinder distortion, a decrease in oil consumption and an increase in engine service life.

The OHV Engines are Commercial Grade while the OHC are generally used for domestic use.

OHC - Overhead Cam: OverHead Camshaft engines (OHC) have their camshafts positioned in the cylinder head above the combustion chamber. Valves are located in the roof of the combustion chamber to offer the same combustion related advantages as OHV engines.

The OverHead Camshaft layout builds on these advantages by reducing the number of valve train components and allowing them to be lighter and stronger, thereby making the engine more compact and lightweight overall.

By combination of an L-shaped rocker arm and single-cam camshaft, it has become possible to locate the cam pulley on the side of the cylinder head so that the overall engine height could be reduced in comparison to a conventional OverHead Camshaft engine.

By the use of an OHC mechanism and a timing belt in oil configuration, lubrication around the cam and the valves is done by the oil rotating with the belt.

Ref: www.honda-engines-eu.com

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